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good night, dear diary

above the million dollar hotel
on Pasta iela the
constellation of clouds wavers, as if
someone has hooked a
cable to the front side
and wants to pull, the bollards
by the house hinder
daily life in the city
on January 13th 2004 I had a
flutter in my right eye cf. my
diary, on November 11th 2004 a man was
sweeping leaves in the Geneva churchyard
according to the same diary
the street names celebrate this, next
we must name a street after the
million dollar hotel at Pasta iela 6 that
on September 14th 2010 plunges into
the Daugava river and spoils
the splendid structure
of the silver steel bridge
demonstrating how the
dilapidated conquers modernity with
a peeling face and
a carcass weight of darkness and dreams of fame, good
night, dear diary

by Sigurbjörg Thrastardottir