Like the one before the world was created

Fog slides over the river
Tangles in bushes on shore

Dew trembles on a branch
A bud bursts open
A fledgling moves in a nest

Like the one before the first word was spoken

Church bells lick their lips

Translated by Margita Gailitis, with J. C. Todd


From the collection of poems “Asaru gāze” (“Tear Gas”)  which in 2004  was awarded in Poetry days as the best poetry. Mostly the poems are about how to make a princess laugh, so you can find here many funny humorous poems and wordplays while other poems are completely different – sad and lyrical.


Jānis Rokpelnis: “The poetry of Ronalds Briedis presents a rarely-encountered organic blend of intellectuality and spontaneous feeling. He is a typical urban poet. We often regard Riga as the only truly urban centre in Latvia (maybe Liepāja too), but Ronalds Briedis’ native town is Jēkabpils, and the patriotism of the people of Jēkabpils is not only very strong, but also very urban in character.”

Anotation from publishing house NEPUTNS

“The poetry of Ronalds Briedis (born 1980), appropriately for a young person, is witty, ironic and with an exquisite touch of lyricism – a combination that gives this volume its special charm.”